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Laura and Claire

Both Laura and Claire have been absolutely BRILLIANT.

Added by Berlad Graham
August 17, 2021

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They have both been very professional and Laura, my solicitor was exceptionally knowledgeable. I have mental health problems and both Laura & Claire where extremely empathetic, patient and instantly put me at ease. The sale of the house was particularly complicated, the house had been bought through a Trust Fund. Laura was the only solicitor who had the experience to help me sell the house. I had tried many solicitors in my area, not one of them had the expertise to deal with it and wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Both Laura & Claire were very quick to reply to my many questions, nothing was too much trouble for them. Berlad Graham should be very proud of them, you couldn’t ask for more dedicated employees, they are an asset to your company and in my eyes deserve a pay rise because of their shear dedication to the job. I would recommend them 100 percent. Yvonne HerronĀ