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Berlad Graham LLP started in the minds of Raanan Berlad and Stewart Graham long before they met. When they started talking to each other their shared vision was

“Don’t try to fix the old ideas, let’s create something very different and new for the benefit of customers!”

Our backgrounds

Having completed his Masters degree in Law, Raanan started to work on his PhD, deciding to put the theory into practice. He was immediately recognised by a Senior Partner as someone well above the average trainee and taken on to complete his training contract. The senior partner’s feelings were proved to be right and Raanan was quickly dealing with his own caseload including some very complex issues and proved a highly valuable Trainee and Solicitor.

Employed status was always something Raanan felt was for others and he wanted to be the master of his own destiny. He took a position at a Thames Valley firm and met Stewart Graham, who was there as a Consultant.

Stewart had practised law, as a non-qualified fee earner, many years before as well as being part of the firm’s management team, but decided that his day-to-day caseload was less interesting than the management work. So, Stewart left the legal work behind and became a law firm manager for 15 years before starting his own company offering consultancy services, expertise in developing people and teams and professional speaking.

Our philosophy

Both Raanan and Stewart realised a long time ago that the way to gain and retain clients was to ensure they received exceptional customer service.  It is very important to have a very good level of knowledge and skills in dealing with legal issues. There is nothing worse than your Solicitor saying to you “Here are your two options, pick one.” That is not advice and advice is what you’re paying them for. They should be advising you on which way to go from a legal and strategic point of view. This is what happens at Berlad Graham.

What is lacking in many law firms is an understanding that you buy our services for two reasons:

  • The first is because you like and trust your advisor; the advisor who actually advises you which option to take from a legal and strategic perspective; sometimes the strategic option might be more sensible!
  • The second is on ‘value for money’. Direct access to ‘everyone’ in the firm, not just the receptionist or secretary, always taking your call or returning it promptly, ensuring your instructions are carried out without delay; these are what makes you feel valued, respected and are the exceptional customer service levels you should ‘expect’ from your Solicitors. This is what you will receive from Berlad Graham.

The way we demonstrate our exceptional customer service attitude starts right at the beginning of our relationship with our customers. From the outset we are asking clients how ‘they’ want to communicate with us. When was the last time your legal adviser asked ‘you’ how you would like to communicate? We ask our clients where ‘they’ would like to meet us instead of simply assuming they would spend their time travelling to us. We ask our clients ‘when’ they would like to meet and then meet them outside of normal working hours if ‘they’ wish.

We have set up Berlad Graham with our customers firmly at the forefront of our minds, procedures and structure.

We have engaged the very latest technology to ensure your legal advisor can work from anywhere in the world. Full remote access means that road or rail delays do not stop us progressing your matter; volcanic clouds and snow are irrelevant to your case continuing. This flexibility means that your team works at its most efficient for your benefit.

We use one of the best legal case management and accounts packages to support your legal team and, therefore, you. Every person in the practice has full access to the latest, and best, online legal library, precedents, court forms, research tools and daily updates so your team is much quicker to produce the right form in the right format, right from the start, costing you less. Always having access to the latest information, the latest case law or the latest precedent means getting it right the first time, costing you less.

Our ‘other’ clients

Having read about our backgrounds and our philosophy, as a Solicitor, you might feel an affinity with our attitude towards our clients; this attitude is what Berlad Graham looks for in our team.

If you’re a Solicitor and do feel an affinity with what you have read, we would be interested in talking to you.

Go to the Work with us page now by clicking below to find out how to achieve more money, have greater flexibility in your working life and do what you were trained and love to do, work with clients.

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