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A very big thank you to those who looked and commented on our website

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May 13, 2012

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A very big thank you to those who looked and commented on our website

“I can’t fault it!” “I like the style of the website.” “…the website is very good…It’s very easy to navigate.” “It gets the message across.”

This was the theme of the statements from people who looked at our new website when it first went live; the first comment (“I can’t fault it!”) being from a web designer and journalist.

We seem, from the comments, to have succeeded in our desire to create a modern website that is customer focused, very easy to navigate and tells clients, potential clients and just viewers of the site, what we stand for as business owners offering legal services to customers and what those services are.

We’ve put our personal philosophy into the business and the website. We asked “What do customers ‘really’ want?” Who best to ask but the clients themselves and this is what we do, from the start of our relationship and throughout; what do ‘you’ want, as a customer, from your legal team? How do ‘you’ want, as a customer, your legal team to communicate with you? What payment structure is best for ‘you’ to ensure value for money and no cashflow issues?

Raanan and Stewart would just like to say thank you to everyone who spent time looking at the site for us and commented, positively and constructively, on it. We will continue to put expert legal advice and exceptional customer service at the forefront of what we offer to clients.